Case Study

Project Fairways, Worcester

Project: Rapid response to advise, design and mobilise to site to provide stabilisation of an existing 4m high slope to allow a building project to progress without delay. With our ability to offer a rapid response we were able to take this project from initial enquiry through to completion in a period of just 4 weeks.
Equipment: Klemm 802 drilling rig and access platform
Location: Worcester
Contract Duration: 3 weeks
Anchors Installed 350
Area Treated: 560m2


We were called in by a housing developer once building works on the site were underway and it was realised that the original design to stabilise the boundary to the site was no longer viable. The building works were due to commence and the project was time critical. A solution to the stabilisation of a 5m high bank was required to enable the building works to commence on site.

The bank had been roughly cut leaving an island of mature trees at risk above what was to be a housing development.

After attending site it was obvious that the required solution needed to maintain as much of the land above as possible and create minimal disruption to protect the trees whilst providing a cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and above all secure permanent solution to the stability of the slope to enable the construction of the housing development to progress as soon as possible.

With our knowledge of similar sites and our close working relationship with our designers we were able to propose, design and mobilise to site to construct a soil nailed heavy duty stone faced mattress solution in an appropriate time frame for the works.

Once we mobilised to site the bank was trimmed to the required angle, the soil nails and structural mesh installed to stabilise the bank and the 235mm heavy duty stone mattress facing constructed and filled within a period of 3 weeks and due to the nature of the stabilisation works the groundworkers were able to continue with the site preparation and installation of foundations throughout our attendance on site.

From our initial involvement in the project, through design, mobilisation to site through the stabilisation works we were able to hand our completed works over such that the building works could continue safely, on time and within budget within a period of just 4 weeks.

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