Case Study

Project Girvan - Phase 1

Project: Soil Nailing
Location: Girvan
Contract Duration: 8 Days
Soil Nails Installed: 233
Area Treated: 500m2


Existing site features prevented the construction of the normally employed safe temporary earthworks batters to enable excavations for the construction of reinforced concrete works at two locations on the site.

The depth of excavation at one of theocations was approaching 8.0m deep. Soil nail stabilised steep slopes were chosen as the most cost effective and efficient solution enabling the excavations to be maintained within the site constraints.

Intec Project Solutions Ltd and JTS Gtechnical Solutions Ltd provided the design and installation of the soil nailing including the use of protective membranes and meshing to maintain the integrity of the face of the 70 degree slope whilst the adjacent works were undertaken.

Working closely with the Main Contracr who undertook excavations and trimming of the face, soil nails and facing were installed working down from the top enabling completion within a very tight programme.

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