Case Study

Project Cobham Crib Wall

Project: Timber crib wall
Location: Cobham, Surrey
Contract Duration: 2 Weeks
Wall Extent: 45m average wall height 2m, maximum wall height 2.3m
Area Treated: 100m2


On the same site as the reinforced concrete wall which we stabilised with soil nails it was required to cut back into a slope leading into woodland adjacent to the houses at the top of the wall. The client required the installation of a timber crib wall to provide a soft appearance retaining wall to provide adequate space for the building plots whilst still retaining and protecting the existing trees. A timber crib gravity wall was constructed on a concrete footing with free draining well graded granular infill and compacted well graded granular backfill. Where pinch points were encountered due to the proximity of the trees concrete backfill was utilise to provide additional stability. The wall blended well with the wooded environment and provided a soft landscaped aspect with grow bags inserted within the wall section depth to promote future vegetative growth .

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